How to appreciate being here?

I slowly start to feel some spring vibes. The total excitement is still not there, but I believe it’s coming. So, due to the growing enthusiasm, I’ve decided to finally organize my balcony, clean the windows and order a nice set of two comfy armchairs with a small table. 

Unfortunately, someone messed up with the delivery and instead of tabletop, I received too many table legs. I called the company to make a complaint, but a ‘nice woman’ from the hotline said I couldn’t do it on the phone and I needed to come to the store. (I didn’t trust her.)

But I thought: okay. Look at the bright side of life. You have a brand new bicycle. Make a trip. Visit the store, make a complaint and forget. So I asked my partner if he could help me with the bike (which was also ordered online and came in the box). After a few hours, he called me to check it out and said: it’s almost done. There’s just one thing. Someone messed up with the delivery and instead of the second pedal, you received too many lights. 

I made my ‘don’t joke with me’ eyes and said: please tell me where it is, but he was very serious, so I started to get unsure. Fortunately, after a few minutes, he began to laugh and showed me the second pedal. I was like, ‘yeah, yeah, hilarious,’ but then I gave him a big hug and also started laughing. 

And after some minutes I said: you know what? I am glad that you made it. ‘Because you appreciate more now that everything came in the complete set, right?’ – he asked. 



We take so many things for granted. Mental and physical health, supporting family, an amazing partner, great friends, job, satisfaction or good money – they all seem to be so obvious to have WHEN YOU HAVE THEM. It’s so easy to quickly forget that most of what happens to us also could not. 

Why do we only ask ‘why did it happen to me?’, when it’s something we don’t want to appear in our lives?

We’re so focused on and used to wonder where I can be in 5 years, what I can achieve, where all the things are going, how I can grow my business, how I can feel more, get in a better shape, have more money, move faster and arrive quicker.


But it’s really not a story about coming, my dear. It’s about learning how to love being here and now while going into the unknown at YOUR speed. 

And I know that’s totally not intuitive, ESPECIALLY when you want to grow, but trust me, it’ll get a little bit easier when you’ll, from time to time, start to ask yourself: what I would appreciate more if I imagined losing it?

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