Her Body, Not Your choice

I don’t know. I am irritated, bored and not okay with being not okay. I am annoyed by people telling other people what they should reveal and what’s better to hide. I am lost, confused and I don’t know how to react.

Since last week, I am exploring the topic of women’s body hair. I talk about it with my partner, friends and mum. I ask them, ‘Do you think it is okay not to shave pubic hair?’, even though, from a biological point of view, it would probably be better to ask if it is okay to shave.

It’s evident that we talk about women, right? Men can do whatever they want and we don’t need to discuss it. They can (but at the same time, don’t need to) have THEIR hair on THEIR bodies. It’s THEIR choice, so we respect it and leave it as it is.

But let’s come back to female bodies, which seem to belong not only to women but also to everybody (so probably to some extent also to you).

How do you feel about the below picture from the SS21 Adidas campaign?

Is it, in your opinion, cool, average, ugly, or disgusting? Would you prefer to be warned before showing you such a “provocative picture” or you’re rather excited that big brands start to normalize the image of female bodies?

I don’t know what to think. My thoughts are complicated and they’re changing. I like soft bodies. I keep my skin as smooth as possible. I don’t identify with this image, which means as much as: I don’t like to have, even the shortest, hair on MY armpits. But MY choices are MINE and other people’s choices are THEIRS. And even if I am not excited about the armpit hair’s view, I really enjoy the conversation about different choices.

I don’t know what “normalizing women’s bodies” means anymore, but I know what normalizing different possibilities could.

It’s so weird that we still treat standing up for ourselves as courage. That we need to be convinced to be strong enough to make our choices. That doing things which enjoy is luxury. That keeping our natural hair makes people starting to comment on it.

Can we just say “that’s fine” more often as a reaction to other people’s decision? Can we accept that my or her choice is not yours? Can we agree that we don’t need to approve other people’s answers?

Someone said that girls in pretty dresses should keep their knees together…

I dream about the world in which those girls can decide what they want to do with their knees, armpits and vaginas.

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